Volunteers Needed…

I am writing a series of books and I need a diverse set of volunteers to read my rough drafts, who have the skills to provide feedback from the following viewpoints:

—You are open-minded and have had a “spiritual awakening” (also known as ascension) or have experiences that you do not understand, and can provide input or ask question for clarification in this respect.

—You do not know what a ‘spiritual awakening is’, but you are interested in my story and what I did to get better, and can provide feedback/ask questions from this viewpoint.

Must have the ability to:
* – provide constructive criticism
* – ask question for clarification or offer foresight of questions a future reader may have.
* – Be boldly honest and respectfully say things you think I may not like or that may hurt my feelings.
* – correct grammatical errors

Not everyone will be picked.  If you are interested, please message me.  Thank you and blessed day to you! <3


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