Two Times Hugs and Bubblegum!


The universe is so abundant with light and love!!!  I was waiting at the dentist and a gentleman just came up and said “Do you need a piece of candy sissy?” (That’s what my mom and dad call me!).  I said “Oh no thank you, I’m good.”

He smiled, “Oh I know you’re good!”, and turned to walk away.

So here’s a man that I had just overheard telling the clerk that his wife is getting out of the hospital today, but she has to go to a nursing home.  Yet he is still spreading his love and light to the world, despite the upsets in his life.  Why can’t we all be like that?!  What a wonderful expression of God he is!!

He was headed out the foyer when I jumped and up and went after him, calling, “Sir?!”

He turned with that calm smile and politely waited for my next words.

“Do you need a hug?”, I asked.

He pause briefly, then raised his hand and made the peace symbol, “I need TWO!”, he exclaimed.  So I gave him a warm hug, followed by another.  He asked me if I had any children.

“Yes!  I have a daughter in college.”  To which he responded, “in college?!!”, as if surprised I could be that old.

“Yes sir”, I said with a giggle.

“Well then!  I guess she’s old enough to have candy.”, he said, while pulling out his bag of bubblegum and Smarties.  Wouldn’t you know?  These are two of my daughter’s favorites!!  I told him so, as I kindly accepted candy from a stranger.  No.  He was no stranger.  He is a magnificent expression of God sharing his light and love with the world.

We can learn through the simplest of exchanges.  A fine example and testimony of how we can let our light shine, even when everything isn’t perfect in our own world.  For God is an abundant source of Love!

I also learned that sometimes? Well, sometimes, people need us to accept what they are offering, even if we don’t want or need it.  Sometimes it’s really for their heart as much as it is for our own.

You know… this exchange truly did make my day; somehow I get the feeling it made his day, too.  I said a prayer of thanks for a beautiful exchange and went about my day, in awe of the simple yet profound ways that God works through others to show us love.

How did you see God or love in action in your life today?  How did you express God or Love today?


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