Soulystic Sunday
Posts about living an authentic and opening the channel for your Soulystic Self, or Authentic Self, to flow through.  Spiritual topics (chakra’s, the ego, awakening, etc).

Wellness Wednesday
All things that support wellness. For example, things I did to get well, why we can’t trust food studies, things to avoid to support wellness, things to embrace to support wellness, detoxification, etc.



Miracle Monday
The more miracles you witness, the more miracles happen all around you.  These posts are to share miracles, big and small.  If you have a miracle story to share, please contact me.

Transformation Tuesday
Stories of transformation.  Health, wellness, weight loss, career, life, spiritual, etc.

Foodie Friday
How to make real food taste good, recipes, cooking gadgets, helpful how-to tips, exploring exotic foods and super foods, food science, etc.


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