This is not the End. It’s never the end.

Today my Auntie Sherril was laid to rest. She transitioned this week. I say transitioned, because I do not believe we ever die, but rather the energy of our Spirit simply transitions to another dimension (or location).

I spent three hours just sitting with my aunt yesterday at the funeral home. I feel so blessed to have had this time with her. We cried together and laughed together. I saw her Spirit exit her body. She was hovering to the left of me, laughing. She was laughing because I was crying.. and in that split-second, I got it. Then I could only laugh through my tears. It was then that I rejoiced. I rejoiced in her transition and release from this Earthly body and all the wordly chains that often come bound to these vehicles. She is free! Her laughter always was infectious.

My aunt has taught me so much throughout this process; both while she embodied her Spirit and also after it was released from her physical shell. She taught me that the Space and consciousness in which we hold while our loved ones transition is important. She taught me that the environment we provide during the crucial time before, during and after death is important. She taught me ways to assist in these transitions. She gave me a glimpse into the Mystery. And she told me to teach others. My life is forever changed.

Aunt Sherril, you really opened my eyes and I will never look at death and dying the same again. Thank you for allowing me to walk this journey with you. I feel honored to have been able to participate in this important part of your journey. I am filled with so much gratitude.

As I stood listening to the Pastor at the cemetery, I looked down and saw this one, lone feather right by my foot. Imagine that. What are the odds? And then, when I went to get in my car, this heart rock jumped out at me. Heart rocks are a passion we both shared. She asked me to bring her one from India. And so I did. I consider this her way of sending me one from the Heavenly place in which she now resides.

It now rests on my alter. Thank you, my new Angel, for letting your Presence be known. This is not the End. It’s never the end.


Forever in my heart you will be.
Jodi Ana

P.S.  Oh how hard that All-pervading Force had to work, to align things just perfectly, for me to receive these gifts. Thank you. Again and again, thank you.


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