Things I Learned From Kelani River, Sri Lanka

Today I went white water rafting on Kelani River (pronounced KELL-uh-nee) in Sri Lanka. Here are some things I learned:

1. White water rafting is a freaking BLAST!!

2. It’s pointless to wear makeup if going white water rafting lol.

3. Even when you think you’re a badass, Mother Nature will always have one up on you, and then some!

4. Wear tennis shoe style shoes, not flip-flops – unless you want to lose your shoes. Or, do like I did and just go barefoot lol.

5. Never start a splash fight of the oars when you are one girl in a boat with three guys – especially when you’re in the middle of the boat and surrounded!

6. Laughter truly IS the best medicine.

7. Bring a change of clothes when going white water rafting. And if you don’t, then at least wear clothes that dry fast (thank you prAna)!

8. I love 80s music! They play a lot of it here in Sri Lanka.

9. White water life vesting is almost as fun as white water rafting lol (we jumped out of the boat and went through one of the rapids with only our life vests and safety hats on)!

10. As we continued on our trail, the side banks of the river revealed that people actually use this river to bathe and wash their clothes in. I realized that we are both blessed in our own way. How beautiful a life to live in this scenery… and I’m learning that a more simple life is just so much better. Yet how blessed am I that I have a washing machine at my apartment in India to wash my clothes for me, and clean water to bathe in.

11. Sri Lankan buffalo look like kind of like American bulls lol.

12. I am blessed beyond measure and my heart is so full of love for God and life and people and all living things that I easily overflow with tears of gratitude on a regular basis. Wait. I didn’t learn that just today, but then again, I did. A part of me dies every day to be reborn to the new me and the new life God has given me… and I often shed tears of immeasurable gratitude for every experience… Even for toilets that flush all over the bathroom floor and leaving my debit card in the ATM… I’m grateful for them all.

For having such a toilet allows me the opportunity to show grace to others the same way losing my debit card has shown me how gracious others are to me.

Thank you, God.

Awake and ready for the day!


On the way to white water rafting:


Video of the lake after we finished:

Who was in our raft? From left to right: the Guide, Nipun, Luc, and me 🙂



My host’s lovely and helpful son, Luc (right) and his beautiful friend, Nipun (left). They really made this trip fun and we laughed so much! Thank you, Luc and Nipun!! <3 20131201-120735.jpg

Here are some pics of the lake I was able to capture after our trip. Sure wish I could’ve captured the beauty while on the lake but my phone would’ve been ruined lol:





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