The Five Tibetan Rites, My Morning Cup A Joe

ChakraRitesThe Five Tibetan Rites is the new coffee!  Before I started doing the Sun Salutations, I started my day performing 21 sets of each of the five Tibetan rites.. and if I skipped a day I most *definitely* could feel it!  This truly was my Morning ‘Cup-a-Joe’.

“The Tibetan Rites are a collection of 5 yoga postures that became widely known after a man by the name of Peter Kelder wrote a book entitled The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth in which he claimed to have received these exercises from Tibetan monks.

The Five Tibetans activate the primary chakras (primary energy center within the subtle body) and stimulates energy flow through them. When these energy centers are activated, the corresponding nerves, organs and glands are also stimulated.

If that’s too much ‘hocus pocus’ for you, then consider the fact that these exercises tone and strengthen the major muscle groups, contributing to a strong and resilient physique.  It’s amazing how quickly you gain strength through doing the Five Tibetans daily.  This practice is the *only* thing that saved me when I embarked on Yoga Teaching Training; had I not been doing these daily, I would have never passed the course.

The benefits of doing these rites are incredibly numerous, some of which are the following:

  • looking younger
  • sleeping better
  • feeling refreshed and energized
  • minimizing of health issues, especially spine-related issues
  • feeling relief from joint problems
  • reducing pain previously experienced
  • acquiring enhanced memory
  • having arthritis relief
  • experiencing weight loss
  • having improved vision
  • becoming more youthful instead of aging
  • experiencing greatly improved physical strength, endurance & vigor
  • having improved emotional and mental health
  • feeling an enhanced sense of well-being and harmony
  • having a very high overall level of energy”

If you’re just beginning, you can start with doing three of each rite, and slowly work your way up to where you can perform 21 of each rite daily.  Set a goal for yourself.  When I initially started, my goal was to add one of each rite each week. Then I knew I would be doing 21 of each rite after 21 weeks.  Much to my surprise, it was easy to add one after three to four days.  Soon, I was doing seven.. and then one day I just tried to see if I could do 14 of each rite and I could do it very easily!  So I stepped up my game!  You will be surprised at how fast you gain strength if you do these daily and consistently!

I have taught these rites to many friends, and they all say they have a noticeable increase in energy-levels throughout the day when they make these rites their daily, morning practice.  If you try them and feel a difference, please come back and post your experience so that others can benefit!

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