Rajesh B. of New Delhi, INDIA

Jodi, thanks for your encouraging words and kind work during my hard times, when my wife was suffering from pain and excess bleeding.  This I told you on phone and surprised to see your intuitive knowledge and experience on this.  I have been living with my wife for 20 years and even I can’t understand her problems, yet you were able to pin-point exactly where she is paining and were able to tell me about her actual illness only from having seen her picture!  The benefits she received from your treatment from a distance are miracles for us.  Thank you, Jodi.  We will always be grateful to you for your kind help.


Yashwanth K. of Mysore, INDIA

I was having neck pain for over a week.  I am a massage therapist and I tried everything I knew but couldn’t get the pain to go.  I went to see Jodi for Angelic Reiki.  During the session I felt heat enter through my feet, travel up my legs, through my torso and straight to my neck.  After the session I felt so relaxed and the pain was relieved.  Jodi has an amazing talent.  I’ve had Reiki done to me before but never felt anything like this.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful afterward.  Jodi also gave me a blessing and as I laid down afterward, I felt explosions in my head, like fireworks.  I recommend her.


Gimmy S. of Rome, ITALY

Did I believe in miracles? No, I didn’t. Not until I met Jodi and the magical blessing and spiritual coaching that she gave me. After that moment I feel that my life has changed dramatically, for the better. Everything seems to fall perfectly into place, no struggle, no anxiety, just let go into the hands of the Divine. I feel that Life is much more interesting now and even problems and challenges that may arise are opportunities to know and to love myself more.

Jodi, I feel like every moment a totally new universe opens up that carries in itself new opportunities and challenges. Still more miracles are happening in my life every day and I am SO grateful to you. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!


Bernardino M. of Caracas, VENEZUELA

Meeting Jodi was a remarkable experience in my life. She has the ability of know exactly what do you need and how to help you . I found every piece of advise I received from her a life changing tool. Seeing miracles happening everywhere around her, helped me to realize that divinity is indeed in you and around you, leading and protecting our path. Thanks Jodi for help me to find out that peace and happiness is a real experience when you meet the divinity in you.


Valentin G. of Lima, PERU

Jodi has a very strong energy healing ability, during our studies in India, she helped me realize many things within me with her healing touch.  Very compassionate and a great loving soul!!


Rajakumar S. of Chennai, INDIA

My deep thanks to Jodi ji for her kind support and teachings in bringing my life from more struggle to less struggle. Your teachings are really awesome and I’m able to see a dramatic change in my situations and circumstances when I start to follow your teachings. You are really really awesome, great and wonderful spiritual teacher and you have made me connect with my divine and made my prayers to answer fast. Your blessings are so so powerful. The lessons that you had taught me has made positive changes inside me. You have supported me during my hard times I had faced in my life. Thank you Thank you a lot Jodi ji.


Angela S. of Palma De Mallorca, SPAIN

I had one very surreal experience in Mysore, which can happen in movies or books but not with me in real life. I was scared and kind of shaky, then I just become super angry. Jodi kindly offer me blessings. I have not no idea what is it about, but I felt open to any help. I accepted. During the session I start feeling the shift, my boiled anger with primary fear start fading away and compassion and love start rising from the heart. It was beautiful. Tears came out. By the end of session I felt loved, nourished and protected and I went to be in a serene state of mind. The images of this event never came back to me and if anybody asked me how am I. My answer was coming from the heart I am GOOD. Thank you Jodi for your kindness and unconditional love!


Ramona L. of Kansas, USA

Jodi was very helpful to me in all matters related to clean eating. She had wonderful smoothie recipes that she was eager to share, and made some excellent dietary suggestions. I still love the frozen banana, coconut milk, cacao powder smoothie—simply fabulous! Jodi is also a great listener, which is not easy to come by in this culture. She takes her time to listen to you thoroughly which is a great attribute!


Tisha L. of Kansas, USA

I would like to share a little with you on how Jodi loved, helped and encouraged my family to get healthy again. I and my daughters became very sick from toxic mold last year due to the home we were living in. We all were missing school and work, our social lives were affected heavily by how sick we had become. I reached out to Jodi knowing some of her past experiences and how she had successfully overcame them. Jodi then taught me on holistic health care measures to take/do for all of us. Including specific information of using herbals. Jodi then taught on specific diet changes and vitamins and minerals to boost in our bodies to assist in fighting off/protecting our selves until we could get out of that environment. I and the girls would still be very sick to this day if it had not been for Jodi’s teaching’s and deep concern she had for us. We still use herbals everyday to continue to protect and rebuild what is needed in our bodies. Jodi is amazing person. Jodi has rebuilt herself from some very devastating health problems she has had and due to this she takes everyone/every issue personal. Jodi has been through it, she knows the support you need emotionally and physically even if you may not understand at the time. I owe Jodi so much for helping me and my girls in a way she may never truly understand. Jodi teaches not only with her knowledge, she teaches with her faith and love. Words can not begin to express the love and respect I have for Jodi. Love and Light my Soul Sister, May your place always be with the stars. May the Heavens and the Earth always Bless you as you have so many!


Deepak C. of Ahmedabad, INDIA

Jodi, really i am very thankful of you, as you not only help me when I was broke as my father was in intensive care unit, but you helped me a lot in progress of spiritual development.  I remember when I really need blessings and healing energy for my father you were always there and same time it was helping a lot.  Thank you for kindly always being there when I needed help and God bless you always.


Angelika A. of Mysore, INDIA

I wanted to thank you for the lovely session you facilitated for us. My partner and I wanted to receive the Oneness Blessing together as a gift to us and our relationship. You indeed provided just that – the perfect place for us to relax and to receive what our souls wanted and needed. Such a wonderful gift.  Jodi is a wonderful, kind hearted, open and beautiful facilitator. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Connie G. of Kansas, USA

Jodi Yauch, the is my experience from what I have learned, gained and concelled from you and your kindness. You are always there with good, healthy, soulful answers for me. You have taught me, we are what we put on our bodies and if we want to be caring, soulful and healthy with our bodies, it starts with ourselfs. If I have questions, I know I can ask you. You are always there for me no matter what!!!! He is within each of us and to continue one day at a time, positive thinking and caring for yourself. Thank you so much my friend for helping me through my difficult times. We shall shine within!!!! < 3 you my friend!!!! 🙂


Balu L. of Bangalore, INDIA

Thanks for the Guidance on yoga & tips for a better Yoga sadhana [disciplined and dedicated practice or learning, especially in religion or music] based living. You’re amazing. Best wishes for a great enlightened & yogic future!


Amanda Y. of Kansas, USA

As your daughter I can not count the number of times you have steered me in the right direction, ^_^ literally I can not, however I can say that there are numerous. I’m putting this on here because so many times I feel like there are people who try to give people life advice about how to do this or when to do that, when they themselves, and the people in their lives, are not benefiting from the advice that they give. Also, in general, I find that when you give your advice you give it in the best way that relates to the person so that they can understand it in the way that’s best for them. The advice you give to me is not given the same as the advice you give to my friends or my cousins. And that is a good thing, because the way you word it for me sometimes would never work with someone else even though the advice is still just as good. Anyway, what I’m saying basically is that i want people to know that your an awesome person and your advice and guidance is very good.