Someone Else’s Secrets

I had the most amazing experience this morning!  I was saying goodbye to a friend and letting her out of my apartment complex. Here is a picture of the cabinet in our stairwell.  As you can see, this cabinet contains mostly junk.  Boxes, empty supplement containers, and yes, those are empty (Surf) laundry detergent boxes.  I’m not sure why my landlord stores this stuff here but many things (that we Westerners take for granted) come in quite handy in a third world country.  You’d be surprised at how many ways you can use an empty laundry box!

IMG 3611


Now, I have walked past this cabinet hundreds of times, but this morning I got the intuition that I was supposed to retrieve something in it (for what, I had no idea).  So I walked to it, opened the cabinet and peaked inside – still not sure what I was there for.  I felt guided to the second shelf down, on the left.  A book.  See it?

IMG 3612


I knew, immediately upon seeing it, that the book was ‘it’ (why I was being guided to the cabinet).  Curious about the title and topic, I reached into the cabinet, but as soon as I felt the textured surface, I realized that this was no ordinary book.


IMG 3613


As I opened the book to a random page, I saw hand-writing.  This was someone’s journal.  My eyes fell to someone else’s secrets.  Secrets about meeting a man.  Immediately I knew that these words were not written for the eyes of others to see.  It felt so private and, quite frankly, reading it felt like a violation.  I thought to myself what a shame it is that this journal is sitting here on this shelf, available to the eyes of the public, because who ever it belongs to probably wouldn’t want others reading their private writings.

So I closed the book and began to wonder why I was guided to it and what am I to do with it?!  It felt wrong to place it back on the shelf for world access.  Then, I felt what I can only describe as an impression… and suddenly, I knew whose journal it was.  Odd.  Usually, I get what I call ‘downloads’ from my divine or the Universe. This was different.  It was more like an impression and it wasn’t coming from ‘out there’.  It was coming from the object itself.

What’s interesting is that I recently read about this phenomena!  It’s as if reading about it opened me to recognize the experience for what it is; psychometry (also known as psychoscopy or token-object reading).  Psychometry is known as a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.

So here I was, standing here with this sacred journal in my hands.  I didn’t have any solid confirmation (in this realm at least) of whose journal this was, but I took my chances and contacted the owner anyway.   I snapped a picture of the journal and sent it to her, asking if she was missing her journal:

IMG 3622


After further conversation, she revealed that she didn’t even know it was missing.  So that explains (partly) why I was guided to the cabinet; to act as a channel to return her book.  Her divine is watching over her.  There’s something in that book she is meant to know or see or remember and I guess the divine knew I would deliver it safely, while maintaining it’s sacredness (by not reading it).

At the same time, the divine is also confirming to me (again) that I am on the right path, in terms of psychic development and opening myself as a channel and intuitive to serve humanity.  What a blessing.  Thank you, God.

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Blessings and love to you!



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