Soulystic Sunday: Shifting Out of Guilt

Have you ever found it difficult to say no?  Me too!  But I am transitioning out of that vibration and so can you!  Be forewarned!  If you continue to read, the Universe is likely going to support your shift out of that vibration also, and bring you repeated opportunities to stand in your Truth and say no.

Rest assured, as you continue to do this, it will become easier and more comfortable each time.  I’m actually getting quite good at it now!  And the guilt associated with saying no?  It’s gone!  Here are some things I learned in the process of shifting out of guilt and into happiness:

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Blessings and Love to you!
Jodi Ana



  1. Jodi…I loved this! So proud of you, my friend. You are findirng your purpose and are inspiring to so many people.♡
    Lots of love from Robin Pomeroy

    1. Thanks so much, Robin <3 In the future, I intend to go further in-depth about auto-immune disease and what causes it and how we can support out bodies to restore itself back to natural health! Emotions play a huge role in that for some folks. It's why we can do 'everything right' when it comes to diet, yet still be sick and suffer. I also intend to have some 'releasing guilt' classes on-line and available to all in the future. This is my calling. I'm so grateful. Thanks for commenting! Blessings! <3

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