Overcoming Autoimmune Disease, Part 2: You Are What You Eat

GasEmptyFor someone with chronic illness, eating packaged food is like putting water in a gas tank and expecting the car to run.  What we put in our body is what the body uses to create our cells.  The body replaces cells every so often, depending on the cell.  For example, the normal life span of a red blood cell is about four months (meaning that four months from now every red blood cell in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones).  The lining of the gut is rebuilt approximately every 28-29 days.  It is said that, after 7 years, the body has replaced every cell.  Think about how powerful that is.

If we potentially have 70-85% influence influence on whether or not the disease process is triggered in our body, and we know the body replaces every cell after a seven year period, then just think of how much influence and power we have over the direction of our own health!  So what does the body use to rebuild these cells?  It uses the nutrients we feed it.

FruitAndVegsThe nutrition we put in our bodies is what the body uses as building blocks to create the entire make-up of our body.  For people who are already healthy, it may not matter AS much, but for someone who already has a disease process going on in the body, nutrition is crucial, because we want to provide the best support we can to our body, in order to activate and exploit it’s own healing capabilities and to give it what it needs to rebuild the cells optimally.

Which do you think is more helpful for the body to rebuild and regenerate?  A whole food, the way it grows from the Earth, the way the Universe made it in harmony with the way your body functions and can utilize it?  Or boxed cereal that’s been puffed up and heated to the extreme so it changes the structure of the proteins to a form the body can’t utilize as efficiently?  How about canned vegetables that have had the natural vitamins extracted (to give it a longer shelf life) and then at the end of processing, has had a synthetic (man made) vitamin re-injected?

The body was not designed to recognize and utilize these synthetic forms.  What about all the other substrates in a natural, whole food that has been destroyed in the process?  Science is finding that these substrates work in synergy with the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.  It is foolish to think that man can really figure out every substrate that the Universe or God has designed into a food.

In rebuilding my body and supporting it’s natural healing ability, I gave it the best nutrition possible in order for it to have the best chance at activating it’s own natural healing capabilities.  And guess what?  It worked!  Over the next few weeks, I will discuss which foods I added in and which foods I took out.

Yes, it can require a shift in where money is spent.  I had to look and see where I had money going that wasn’t absolutely necessary.  One very simple thing, was to give up cable television.  It was a great trade-off.  I gave up T.V. and as a result I got out of the house more.  Yay!

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