My Friend Is Trying To Kill Me!

My friend is trying to kill me. I’m sure of it!  She’s been giving me long-distance pointers on how to cook and source ingredients in India.  She instructed me to get a pressure cooker to cut my cooking time for beans.  Okay.  I’ve used a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker before, no sweat!  So I bought the cooker.  Here’s a picture of it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

IMG_6788 Now I’m not technical, so I’ll skip the technical
language, but the directions said to watch for the
little dilly-bopper to raise up and then shortly after,
the cooker will ‘whistle’.  I describe what happened
next in this letter to my friend:

“You’re trying to effing kill me aren’t you?!?? Oh my
effing GAWD!!! That cooker!! Holy s#$&, girl! The
directions said it would whistle… so I’m waiting for
something that sounds like a tea kettle.. not a
freaking rocket ship taking off, blowing up the

I about jumped clean out of my skin when that
thing went off! I have a pressure cooker at home
by Kuhn Rikon and it does NOT do that!! I seriously about wet myself lol. I literally jumped, then quick turned off the gas stove! I didn’t know WHAT to do next!

I thought the thing was giving me a warning that it was about to blow! I shut it off. Then I took off the lid and proceeded to simmer the beans for the next, like, TWO FREAKING HOURS LOL. Darn near had heart failure!!”

I’m not kidding you!  Years back, an ex boyfriend took me to a Monster Truck show featuring a vehicle with a jet engine.  Yeah.  This sounded just like that!  My friend reminded me that everything in India is loud… even the pressure cookers!  And the beans?  They came out tasting GREAT!  Bon appetit!




  1. You have just been away from all the mind chatter of here in the physical world and now sounds are enhanced.

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