My Beautiful Soul Sister

Today, I am grateful for the nurse at the Ayurvedic hospital I’m in. She’s such a doll. Day before yesterday, as she was braiding my hair and prepping me for treatment, she said, “ma’am?”

“Yes?”, I asked

Then, in this playful, giddy voice, she said, “I love you!”

All I could do was burst out laughing!  I wasn’t quite sure I heard her right.  

“You love me?”, I asked?

“Yes”, she said, looking up with the nature of a three year old.

“Aw!  I love you too!”

In that moment, I was reminded of how easily we can influence someone’s life with our words, our thoughts, our actions.  Her simple act of kindness brought me so much internal joy that I literally burst into laughter.  Thing is, this girl really doesn’t know me… we have small conversations of broken English each day, so how could she possibly have come to love me?  What if the divine was expressing through her, toward the divine that expresses through me.

So then I wondered to myself, what if everyone in the world could be like this?  What if the whole world could just express their feelings without reservation or fear of someone’s reaction?  How many times have you walked past someone and wanted to say, “I like your dress!” or, “You’re beautiful”, but never did, for fear of a negative reaction or fear of someone thinking you are weird?  How many explosions of joy could you have instigated, had you the courage to allow the divine to express through you in that moment?

So today, I am grateful for my nurse, my beautiful soul sister at this hospital, and also for the lessons in love she has given me.  In honor of that, today I am going to make it a point to allow the divine to express through me by giving at least one person a compliment.  

How about you?  What are you grateful for today?  Here’s the trick.. you can’t list anything you’ve already used in yesterday’s post!


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