Just Get Started.



I’m a perfectionist.  I want everything to be perfect before I ‘unleash’ it to the world.  I’ve realized, if I wait for everything to be perfect, it rarely gets ‘unleashed’.

There’s something inside of me desiring to be expressed… that little piece of God; it’s in all of us, waiting to reveal itself to the world.  It’s called by many names.. Spirit, Soul, Christ, Atman, Christ Consciousness, Antaryamin, Indwelling Presence, Higher Self, Indwelling Power, Inner Essence, etc. What ever you call it, it’s divine.. and my divine desperately wants to be expressed.  It’s why I am here.

I’ve decided that it’s more important to allow the expression of this divinity within me, than it is to make sure everything is perfect on this site before I start.  So.. here is my first post, bare bones, with all it’s glorious imperfections.  It’s not much.. but it’s a start and you know what?  That’s accomplishing more than the guy just sitting on the couch doing nothing.

What areas of life have you been putting off, waiting for everything to be perfect? How are you preventing your authentic self from shining through?  Maybe you’ve put off exercise, because you don’t have time for an hour long walk, but what if you just walked for five minutes?  So what?  It’s only five minutes… but that’s still doing more than the guy sitting on the couch.

What would become available to you, if you were to just get started?


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