I Have Arrived!

So I made it to India! Ive been adjusting for a few days. I’m on campus and loving every minute of it, challenges and all!

I’ve met people from all around the world here… Holland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, Sweden… beautiful!!

The food is WONDERFUL!! It’s like a party in my mouth!!

The nature is amazing! It really reminds me of when i lived in Hawaii, with the lizards climbing the walls & hanging out on the ceilings in the dorm (although Hawaii is much more cool). In America, you wake up and hear birds singing. In India, you wake up and hear birds and Monkeys. Wow!

My shoes came up missing yesterday, so I’ve been walking barefoot for a couple days. We have to leave them outside… maybe the monkeys took them… If not, then somebody needed them worse than me. I have an ‘inside’ pair I may start using outside cuz the pavement is HOT!!

Some people here literally live in grass huts. That’s all I can say about that.. pretty sobering.

Today I did a walking meditation.. Where I had to walk reeeeaaaaalllllllyyyy SLOW… and contemplate who I am. It took me an hour to walk a distance that would ordinarily take less than five minutes. It was an experience! Try it sometime… Just don’t do it on scalding hot pavement while barefoot – ouch!

I’ve been wanting ice cream really bad lately… It’s SO H-O-T here!! Today I got some… It was so feeling delicious!

Don’t let me forget to tell you about my trip to Amma’s ashram on the way to the University! That was an experience!

Internet connection here is sporadic, so I will post as I can. When I get access I have a limited amount of time so my grammar will not be the greatest – deal LOL! :-p

I got to see the monkeys hanging out on the dorms the other day. Sooo cool!! Check out my Facebook page, I will ry to get a video uploaded soon.

I’m posting from my phone and still learning so if things come out wonky, I blame it in that LOL

We practice what’s called mauna after certain processes, where we remain in silence. I will share more about that as I can. We stay pretty busy here, between classes, practice, food, and washing my clothes by hand!

Speaking of class, one is coming up soon.

Blessings & Love,




  1. Glad to hear you have made it and all is well. It sounds like your washing machine is working well also. Sorry your shoes came up missing. I am sure the new owner will put them to good use. 🙂 The pic of the monkeys is cool! Kind of like cats here. Keep us posted.


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Kenyatta <3. It's all in divine order and I got a beautiful lesson from losing my shoes!

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