Getting My Car to Start…

This morning, after I just got back from an 11-day trip out of town, I
got into my car and turned the key.  Errrr.. Ergh.  It wouldn’t start.  I looked up and realized my dome light had been on all this time, so I turned it off.  Bummer.  Or not!

GoldenLightFinally, after about five minutes of turning the key to no avail, I changed it up and tried a different strategy.  I said a little prayer, then I envisioned golden-white light pouring into my car’s battery and flowing out into the engine of the car.  After a deep exhale, I turned the key again.  Errrr.. chck chk chk… ergh.  No dice… but!!  I did hear a promising chk chk chk in-between the errrr!  So, I tried again.

I envisioned even more golden-white light pouring into my car’s battery, filling it to the brim and overflowing out through the attached cables and throughout the cars engine.  Once again, I turned the key.  Chk chk chk chk VROOOM!!!!!!  She started right up!  And off I went on a journey!

Coincidence?  Ha ha ha!  I call miracle!

Blessings, Love and Light!


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