Finding My Marbles (Miracle Monday)

In my psychic development class, I was told to get 22 distinctly different rocks for divining. While discussing this with my teacher, Spirit & my angels kept telling me that I need to go to my dad for marbles, instead of using rocks. They kept showing me a jar of marbles in my mind’s eye, which looked like a pickle jar, with a red lid.   

So I called my dad and asked if he had 22 distinctly different marbles that I could Marbleshave. I told him that my angels told me to come to him. He said yes. While I was on the phone with him, his wife said, “Now how did she know we had 22 marbles?!”. I said, “I didn’t! I’m just following what my angels told me to do!”.  Love my angels. They never steer me wrong!

Then, my dad told me he couldn’t get to his marbles, so my step-mom was going to graciously give me some of hers.  Oddly enough, in my mind’s eye, I started to see a completely different jar!  This time, I saw a jar that looked like a sun tea jar, with a spout at the bottom; on a stand.  This didn’t make sense to me.  Until later.

I went to my dad’s house to pick up the marbles.  My step mom asked me, “If they told you to get the marbles from your dad, do you think it will be okay if they came from me?”  I said, “It’s all in Divine Order, so I guess so!”.  Then I told her, “Initially they showed me a jar with a red lid on it.  Kind of like a pickle jar.  But then when I was on the phone with dad and he said you were getting your marbles instead, they were showing me a jar with a spout on it, like a sun tea jar with a spout you could pour tea out of” (I didn’t tell her that I saw it sitting in inside of a stand).  Her jaw dropped.

She said, “Come here, I have to show you where these marbles came from.”  She walked me back to a room at the back of the house and there before me, was a jar with a spout, sitting in a stand, full of marbles.  Exactly what Spirit had shown me in my mind’s eye!  We went back to the living room and she asked my dad what kind of jar his marbles are in.  He said, “A Tom’s Jar’.  I said, “Does it have a red lid?”  He said, “Yes.”.  Ha!!  Love my Angels!

As soon as I had the marbles in my hand, I knew *exactly* why my Divine Crew had guided me to my dad’s for them instead of using the rocks as instructed by my coach.  I will get much farther with these marbles than regular rocks could’ve ever taken me!  Thank you, God <3

By the way, if anyone has, or knows where I can get, a shooter sized golden or amber-yellowish, or even orangish (see through) marble, I would love to have one!

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Blessings and Love to you!
Jodi Ana






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