Dear Lonely Girl (I Am Series)

Abandoned_by_Artemis_TwitchesDear Lonely Girl,
I hear your plea.  This is in answer to your call for a man who will love, honor and cherish you.  I hear you crying late at night.  I feel the longing of your heart.  Please understand, that in order for Me to deliver this man to you, you must advertise That which is in you that draws him near.

When you advertising that which attracts the animalistic nature of man, when you post pictures that make your cleavage more obvious and available than your Inner Light, you are attracting boys that hunger for your Earthly offerings instead of attracting a man that longs for what’s inside your heart.

When you post pictures that quench the thirsts of his animalistic hunger, you are making a call to the Universe to deliver a man of animalistic nature; you are asking the Universe to deliver a boy that lusts for what you are advertising above all else.  You can allure a boy all day long with your Earthly goods, but in order to allure a man, you must shine your Inner Light.

For it is your Inner Light, the Glory of God within you, that will act as a beacon for the man of your dreams.  Understand, Lonely Girl, that as long as you let your cleavage out-shine your Spirit?  A man of respect will pass you by time and again.  For a man of respect will only be drawn to That which shines pure.  A man of respect will only be drawn to a woman who respects herself.  A man of respect does not want a woman who shares here Earthly goods (on camera or in person) with every other man to see.  A man of respect wants a woman who respects herself enough to hold that sacred to herself and, when the time is right, to her One and Only.

It is only when you realize that you do not have to lure a boy with your Earthly Goods, that you are going to attract a man that is heavenly.  It is only then, that you will attract That which you deserve.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to let your Light shine?

I hear your call, Lonely Girl, but your attempts at ‘love’ continue to sabotage my attempts at delivering it.  I ask you please – for this next while – cover your cleavage, stop giving yourself away for free, and allow Me to work in your life.  I hear your call and I promise, if you will just follow Me, I will deliver That which you seek when the time is right.

In the meantime, have Faith in me, that I will bring to you what you need on your path of discovery.  Everything comes in it’s own time.  If it hasn’t come, it’s not time.  In the moments where you feel alone, seek Me every morning and rest in Me every night.  Then and only then will you find the comfort, love and protection that you seek and deserve.  You are Loved more than you know.

Forever Faithfully Yours,
I Am


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