A Tribute to My Auntie Sherril

AuntSherril2Last night, for the first time, I sat with a loved one while she peacefully took her last breath.  I had so many revelations through these moments.

The world has become a lot dimmer and the Heavens became a lot brighter last night as my beautiful aunt Sherril transitioned to be with our Creator.

Aunt Sherril, I will miss your smiling face, your warm hugs, and your infectious laughter and sense of humor. You were a wonderful mother, a beloved auntie, a devoted daughter & wife, a phenomenal grandma and, according to my mom, the best sister a gal could ever have!


I’m so grateful you got the chance to have ‘your time’ when you met Uncle Joe; that you got to have your “Once in a Lifetime” and experience true love.  Many people go through an entire life without getting to have this wonderful experience.  Thank you for acting as my inspiration, and for encouraging me to not give up; for giving me hope and for telling me that my time, too, would come.  You were right, Auntie Sherril.  You were right.

I’m grateful that you got to move back to Wichita and be close to my momma before you were called Home. I am at peace in knowing that you now have no more suffering. And by that, I don’t just mean no more oxygen tanks and tubes. I mean you truly no longer suffer. You don’t suffer from guilt. You don’t suffer from sorrow. You don’t suffer from sadness. You don’t suffer from heartache. You simply do not suffer. You, beloved auntie, have been set free.

I bet you are probably with Uncle Joe, Grandma and grandpa right now; Buster and Bo Bo dancing at your feet; laughing as you realize that all those years of guilt and heartache were just a product of the mind; our Earthly Self. That part of us that’s not of God; that part of us that likes to sabotage our self worth and make us feel like we did everything wrong and we can’t do anything right… and it’s beautiful to know that it is this part of us that we are set FREE from when we transition to the arms of our Creator. For that, I say, YAY!

And your Spirit; that part of you that is of God, will always live on through every life you have touched.

I used to be so afraid of death, but I’m not anymore.  For I realize now that it is in dying that we are set free.  It is in dying, that we truly are “reborn”.  That is not just true when we shed our physical body.  It is also true when we shed a little part of that Earthly Self; that Inner Saboteur, that likes to keep us stagnant in mental and emotional pain.  Each time we release a little bit of our own pain and suffering inside, we are saying “YES!” to life!

Nothing could have made all of this clearer than through my experience in holding space for your transition last night.  And for that, I am truly grateful.  Thank you.

You, my beautiful auntie Sherril, are already dearly missed. I know you are ‘up there’ celebrating your transition to a better place. I truly understand now why people in other countries throw parties when someone dies. They must realize, too, that death is not dying, but rather it is a process of being SET FREE from these worldly hardships and misery…and that is LIFE!

It is only we, who are left behind, that continue to suffer through our Earthly perceptions. You? You are free!! And that is cause to rejoice! That is the Good News!! May God bless and liberate your soul.

Forever in my heart you will be,

Jodi Ana

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