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Losing Love

God brings people into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Through every relationship, we are being taught, molded and formed into who God has designed us to be. Whose to say these losses aren’t necessary in order to mold and form us into the person our Special One is going to recognize?

If we learned something – anything – from a lost relationship, then it wasn’t all for naught. Sometimes, that ‘reason’, or lesson, is for us to find our own self worth and value; to treat ourself with respect and honor, by walking away from those that treat us wrong.  If you’re too busy wasting time on someone that is treating you wrong, you won’t ever be available for the One that will treat you right!

Maybe you’re not losing love.  Maybe you are gaining new beginnings!  Trust that the Universe has your right where you are supposed to be; not a second sooner or later.  Someday, you’re going to look back on this time and be grateful for this loss (and gain).

Here’s a T-shirt I saw in the mall in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:

“SINGLE.  God is looking at you right now saying, “I’m saving this one for someone special”

IMG 3631

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Blessings and love to you!


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Divine Manifestation – In My Room!

It’s just amazing to see how the divine manifests in our life.  I’m in a hotel in Chennai, feeling a bit nervous as I prepare for my flight home to the United States (after having been gone to India for a year).  I’ve been in this room for two days, yet it wasn’t until just this morning that I noticed my divine showing up on the shelf in the room. Do you see it?  On the bottom left side of the shelf below the television? 

IMG 3654

Here it is, close up.  How does one explain that?!

IMG 3643

If you haven’t read my post about God’s Love Bug, it explains a little more about the hearts manifesting in our lives.  You can read about it here. The divine manifesting in my room today is just another confirmation to me that I am not alone; that God is right there with me, supporting me, carrying me, and going before me.  I love how the divine manifests in this way in the moments when I seemingly need this reminder the most.  Thank you, God.

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Someone Else’s Secrets

I had the most amazing experience this morning!  I was saying goodbye to a friend and letting her out of my apartment complex. Here is a picture of the cabinet in our stairwell.  As you can see, this cabinet contains mostly junk.  Boxes, empty supplement containers, and yes, those are empty (Surf) laundry detergent boxes.  I’m not sure why my landlord stores this stuff here but many things (that we Westerners take for granted) come in quite handy in a third world country.  You’d be surprised at how many ways you can use an empty laundry box!

IMG 3611


Now, I have walked past this cabinet hundreds of times, but this morning I got the intuition that I was supposed to retrieve something in it (for what, I had no idea).  So I walked to it, opened the cabinet and peaked inside – still not sure what I was there for.  I felt guided to the second shelf down, on the left.  A book.  See it?

IMG 3612


I knew, immediately upon seeing it, that the book was ‘it’ (why I was being guided to the cabinet).  Curious about the title and topic, I reached into the cabinet, but as soon as I felt the textured surface, I realized that this was no ordinary book.


IMG 3613


As I opened the book to a random page, I saw hand-writing.  This was someone’s journal.  My eyes fell to someone else’s secrets.  Secrets about meeting a man.  Immediately I knew that these words were not written for the eyes of others to see.  It felt so private and, quite frankly, reading it felt like a violation.  I thought to myself what a shame it is that this journal is sitting here on this shelf, available to the eyes of the public, because who ever it belongs to probably wouldn’t want others reading their private writings.

So I closed the book and began to wonder why I was guided to it and what am I to do with it?!  It felt wrong to place it back on the shelf for world access.  Then, I felt what I can only describe as an impression… and suddenly, I knew whose journal it was.  Odd.  Usually, I get what I call ‘downloads’ from my divine or the Universe. This was different.  It was more like an impression and it wasn’t coming from ‘out there’.  It was coming from the object itself.

What’s interesting is that I recently read about this phenomena!  It’s as if reading about it opened me to recognize the experience for what it is; psychometry (also known as psychoscopy or token-object reading).  Psychometry is known as a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.

So here I was, standing here with this sacred journal in my hands.  I didn’t have any solid confirmation (in this realm at least) of whose journal this was, but I took my chances and contacted the owner anyway.   I snapped a picture of the journal and sent it to her, asking if she was missing her journal:

IMG 3622


After further conversation, she revealed that she didn’t even know it was missing.  So that explains (partly) why I was guided to the cabinet; to act as a channel to return her book.  Her divine is watching over her.  There’s something in that book she is meant to know or see or remember and I guess the divine knew I would deliver it safely, while maintaining it’s sacredness (by not reading it).

At the same time, the divine is also confirming to me (again) that I am on the right path, in terms of psychic development and opening myself as a channel and intuitive to serve humanity.  What a blessing.  Thank you, God.

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Introducing Boogie

The other day I was in a very meditative, almost trance-like state.  Suddenly, I audibly heard a voice (as if he were in the same room, right in front of me).  It was a playful, fun-spirited, child-like voice.  In a teasing kind of tone he said, “I’m boogie!  You can hear me, but you can not see me!”, followed by a giggle.  The feel of Boogie was so playful, I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud!  My boyfriend was next to me and asked me what I was laughing at.  I shook my head and didn’t reply.

I wasn’t scared, because I had experienced something like this before, the day after my grandma died.  That day, I was in a similar state on the couch when I audibly heard her calling my name, “Jodi.. Jodi..”, as if she was trying to awaken me.  I opened my eyes, sooo excited at the prospect that her death was just a bad dream and she was really alive!!  I quickly sat up with excitement… only to realize.. the house was visually empty.  I felt her, though.  I knew she was there in spirit.  That was the last time I audibly heard my grandmother’s voice.

AngelMerkabaNot sure what to do next, I simply asked Boogie to reveal himself to me and show me what he looks like.  Soon, in my mind’s eye, I got an image of a small angel.  This surprised me because usually the angels I see and work with are at least human sized or very large.  Then Boogie showed me the number eight.  I’m still not sure what the number eight means; I think he was trying to tell me he is 8 years old.  After that, I was interrupted and came out of the state I was in.

At first, I wasn’t sure why Boogie was here, but I got the feeling that Boogie has been with me for a very, very long time and has already been working with me for most of my life.  Then I remembered that a few days prior to this I had set the intention to be shown ONE of my angels, whom I work with that I can communicate with intimately.  Boogie revealed himself to me and I have felt his Presence every since!

Still wanting confirmation from the Universe, I asked my divine to return the word ‘boogie’ to me within the next three days if Boogie is of 100% pure divine light and if Boogie is the one I’ve been asking about.  I left it at that and hadn’t given it another thought!

Boogie.  It’s not a common word in today’s vocabulary.  Should I have been surprised when, less than 48 hours later, I came across this post on Facebook, made by a woman with the exact same name as mine (Jodi)?  Boom!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Screen Shot 2014 05 20 at 1 24 37 PM










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India: The One Moment That Left the Biggest Impression

I’m getting butterflies in my belly as I order supplies and sort my stuff to pack before heading back to the United States of America soon!!!  I haven’t seen my family in a year.  This is the longest I’ve been away from my baby girl and I’m feeling a wave of emotions flow through me.  Living in a third-world country for the past year has really changed my entire perspective on everything.

There have been a lot of moments that have impressed upon me; moments of amazement at how folks here in India live on a daily basis.  I’ve seen houses literally made of mud with grass roofs.  I’ve seen people here washing clothes by hand and beating them on cement.  I’ve seen women here carrying loads on the top of their heads that most women in my country couldn’t carry with two hands.  Driving past fields in the early morning and watching the farmers honor their animal, giving it an early morning bath by hand.  But, aside from the many spiritual blessings I have received int his country, the moment that has left the biggest impression on me is when I was in Tirruvanamalia with my friend, Caz.

We had stopped at a shop to get some fruit and water for morning.  An elderly, emaciated woman approached us.  Most of her teeth were missing and her clothes were dull and tattered.  She motioned to ask for money.  My friend, not having any cash (or food) on her, handed this woman all she had to offer in that moment; a half-used bottle of warm water.  I was so shocked at what I saw next.  If some stranger came up to me in my home town asking for money and I handed him a half-used up bottle of warm water that I’d been carrying around and drinking from all day (and probably back-washed my lunch into), that stranger would look at me like I was from Pluto.  But this woman?  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Her face lit up like she was three years old on Christmas morning!  She graciously accepted the bottle and was visibly elated!

You see, to this woman, it wasn’t just a bottle of water.  That old, thin plastic bottle?  It was a prize in and of itself.  It was tool. She could use it to transport water or soap.  She could use it to bathe with.  She could use it to store things.  It was a prized possession, not a common house hold item.  Seeing someone so full of gratitude for a used up, warm bottle of water?  This one moment, it was just a few seconds; a flicker of a moment in time.. but it changed my life forever.  It made me realize all of the little things in every single day that I have to be grateful for in this life.  It made me think, what if I were so poor, that a used up, warm bottle of water was like gold to me?

Today, I get down on my knees and humbly bow down to my divine, filled with so much gratitude that tears trace tracks on my cheeks, and give thanks for this experience, and for the realization of all the things big and small, that I have to be grateful for every single hour of every single day that I am alive on this Earth.  Thank you, God.

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Cool Breezes and Bananas

Today I’m grateful for the cool breeze and sunshine as I laid out on the terrace; oh, and bananas. Yes. Bananas.

As I sat down to eat my fruit salad I realized is forgotten to put a banana in it. I went back to get a banana, thank God, because while I was In the kitchen I realized I had left the gas stove running.

Thank you, God.

What about you? What are you grateful for today?

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Searching for Gratitude

Today, I’m grateful that I can find the silver lining in this cloud, even though I feel so down in the dumps right now… after three months of being away, I returned to my (shared) apartment in Karnataka only to find some my kitchen belongs (which are clearly marked with my name) either gone, dipped into, or completely used up.  Depressing.    

So.. as I sit here feeling grouchy and frustrated at the lack of morals in this world; with my head aching, trying to tune out the sound of the workers demolishing the building next door and the constant onslaught of vehicles honking (really, there is not even a two-second moment of silence on this street corner, except maybe between 2AM-5AM), a Force inside gently nudges me to reach deep and find something, anything(!) for which to be grateful.  

“Can’t I just bask in my grouchiness?”, I asked this Force.  

The response I got was that no matter how bad we think we’ve got it, there is always someone worse than us.  Suddenly, a picture flashed in my mind of the deformed man on the beach in Kerala, whose body was stuck in a sort of permanent squatting position.  Yet he still got up every single day, got dressed, and was out on that beach making a living.  He didn’t get the choice to walk.  He had to hobble, much like a gorilla, using his arms as legs.  And even though he has long legs, he will never get his height measured in any taller than the height of his squat – about two and a half to three feet.  Suddenly, a surge of gratitude pulsed through me and I began to feel grateful that I have legs and they work and I can stretch them out and run and walk and skip.  

“Thank you”, I told the Force, “Do it again!  Show me another.”

Soon, another image flashed in my mind, of the man that would come to our table each day at the beach in Kerala, emaciated, wrinkled and dressed in rags.  This man didn’t speak English but still, he spoke my language.  He spoke with his eyes.  He spoke with his heart.  He never said the word, “Please”, but his eyes said everything I needed to ‘hear’ (I’m literally swallowing back tears as I type this right now).  And each day, I would pull ten or twenty rupees out of my pocket and place it gently in his hand.  He also never spoke the word, “Thank you”, but every day after I gave him the money, he would squeeze it gently, still looking me in the eyes with gratitude, tap his hand to his heart, then to his forehead, and smile.  Although half his teeth were missing, it’s one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen.  This one scene alone provided so much to be grateful for, I could spend a whole day writing about it.

Through these gifts I’ve been shown, I was able to step back into the Present Moment and find the silver lining in this cloud.  Today, I am grateful for the morals and values and standards that my parents instilled in me.  I’m so grateful for the parents I was blessed with in this lifetime.  I’m grateful that, through my upbringing and God’s Grace, I have the gift of being sensitive to the needs of others.  I’m grateful that, although I’m sleeping with a bandana over my face so as not to inhale the vehicle fumes and demolition dust (without the windows open it would likely be unbearably hot in my apartment), I do have a roof over my head and food on the table – and not just any food – but good, wholesome vegetables and fruits.  I’m grateful that I am well enough now to cook that food, for I can remember a time when I was so sick that I didn’t have the strength and energy to cook a meal, let alone eat it.  And I am incredibly grateful for the man in my life who, despite my grouchiness, has graciously shown me more patience than I may deserve at times.  He is one of the strongest men I know, mentally and emotionally.  I don’t think God could’ve picked a better man for me.  Truly.  

If you’re ever stuck where you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, you could always close your eyes, take a few steady, deep breaths; ask your divine to connect with you or come into your heart and, once you feel a sense of peace or stillness come over you, ask your divine to show you what you have to be grateful for in this moment.

So?  What about you?  What are you grateful for today?

Love and Blessings to you!


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