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Things I Learned From Kelani River, Sri Lanka

Today I went white water rafting on Kelani River (pronounced KELL-uh-nee) in Sri Lanka. Here are some things I learned:

1. White water rafting is a freaking BLAST!!

2. It’s pointless to wear makeup if going white water rafting lol.

3. Even when you think you’re a badass, Mother Nature will always have one up on you, and then some!

4. Wear tennis shoe style shoes, not flip-flops – unless you want to lose your shoes. Or, do like I did and just go barefoot lol.

5. Never start a splash fight of the oars when you are one girl in a boat with three guys – especially when you’re in the middle of the boat and surrounded!

6. Laughter truly IS the best medicine.

7. Bring a change of clothes when going white water rafting. And if you don’t, then at least wear clothes that dry fast (thank you prAna)!

8. I love 80s music! They play a lot of it here in Sri Lanka.

9. White water life vesting is almost as fun as white water rafting lol (we jumped out of the boat and went through one of the rapids with only our life vests and safety hats on)!

10. As we continued on our trail, the side banks of the river revealed that people actually use this river to bathe and wash their clothes in. I realized that we are both blessed in our own way. How beautiful a life to live in this scenery… and I’m learning that a more simple life is just so much better. Yet how blessed am I that I have a washing machine at my apartment in India to wash my clothes for me, and clean water to bathe in.

11. Sri Lankan buffalo look like kind of like American bulls lol.

12. I am blessed beyond measure and my heart is so full of love for God and life and people and all living things that I easily overflow with tears of gratitude on a regular basis. Wait. I didn’t learn that just today, but then again, I did. A part of me dies every day to be reborn to the new me and the new life God has given me… and I often shed tears of immeasurable gratitude for every experience… Even for toilets that flush all over the bathroom floor and leaving my debit card in the ATM… I’m grateful for them all.

For having such a toilet allows me the opportunity to show grace to others the same way losing my debit card has shown me how gracious others are to me.

Thank you, God.

Awake and ready for the day!


On the way to white water rafting:


Video of the lake after we finished:

Who was in our raft? From left to right: the Guide, Nipun, Luc, and me 🙂



My host’s lovely and helpful son, Luc (right) and his beautiful friend, Nipun (left). They really made this trip fun and we laughed so much! Thank you, Luc and Nipun!! <3 20131201-120735.jpg

Here are some pics of the lake I was able to capture after our trip. Sure wish I could’ve captured the beauty while on the lake but my phone would’ve been ruined lol:




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Do Not Be Afraid of Tomorrow: Note From Kandy Road in Western Province


Losing your job? Chronic illness? Life not going how you want it to go? Surrender to the divine and open yourself up to the jewels of life!! Getting sick and losing my job were two of the BEST things that ever happened to me!! Had I not gotten sick I’d still be slaving away behind a desk and computer 8, 12, or 18 hours a day. For as long as I fought being sick, I stayed sick. I was so pissed! I wanted to be better & be independent again, dang it!!

That which we resist, persists. Finally, I stopped resisting and realized, God must have me in this position for a reason or two. I stopped fighting it and I surrendered my life to the Divine. “okay God”, I said, “you’ve got me where you want me. Show me why I’m in this mess. What am I not seeing? What do I need to learn? What are you trying to teach me? What do I need to see, to get better?!”

Partly, I learned, that I was brought to a point if surrender so that I could turn back to God. I had nowhere else TO turn. I was so sick, I literally felt like I was dying a slow, torturous death. As soon as I quit fighting it and accepted my situation, things took a drastic turn.

It started to dawn on me (the reasons I was so sick & the things I needed to learn). And then? Slowly, day by day, I started to get better.

Today, I am writing to you from my iPhone on a bus to Dambulla, Sri Lanka to see ancient cities. I’ve been in this country for 3 nights and have spent less than $50. With God, ANYTHING is possible!!! ANYTHING!!!

I used to be a slave to a large corporation.  Now I am traveling the world and every day is a magical adventure. I will never work a 9-5 desk job again. Today, I am SO in love! I am in love with myself. I am in love with my divine. I am in love with life!!  In love with my new career!!  I’ve been asked to teach in two different countries already!

God shows me miracles every single day. I am blessed beyond measure. Yes. I lost my job of nearly 14 years. Yes, I lost my home. It was a hard hit to the ego losing everything I’d spent the past 13 years working for! But you know what?! I was never meant to be a computer programmer.

I only chose that profession because of the money, but my spirit was dead doing that work. I am a people person. I came here in this life to help others. Today I work for God. It’s the best job with the BEST benefits!!! Benefits like traveling the world and meeting the most amazing and interesting people ever!

Benefits like being freely offered a place to stay from random people who are also working for God and living in their Heart Space. It really is true. The more you give, the more you receive.

So… please. Do not be afraid. The Bible says that where ever you go, God goes before you. Do not be afraid of tomorrow. God is already there. What may seem like the worst disaster today may just be the biggest blessing of your entire LIFE!! Give God a chance. If you’re feeling lost, or scared, no matter what your troubles are there is one thing that is certain: God’s got your back. All you gotta do is stop fighting God’s plan for you and surrender to it.

Communicate with your divine… and if things aren’t going YOUR way, then get OUT of the way and ask your divine to show you HIS (or HER or IT’s) way… and open yourself up to all the joy and wonder that is right there, waiting for you to claim!

In Love and Gratitude,
Jodi Ana




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Volunteers Needed…

I am writing a series of books and I need a diverse set of volunteers to read my rough drafts, who have the skills to provide feedback from the following viewpoints:

—You are open-minded and have had a “spiritual awakening” (also known as ascension) or have experiences that you do not understand, and can provide input or ask question for clarification in this respect.

—You do not know what a ‘spiritual awakening is’, but you are interested in my story and what I did to get better, and can provide feedback/ask questions from this viewpoint.

Must have the ability to:
* – provide constructive criticism
* – ask question for clarification or offer foresight of questions a future reader may have.
* – Be boldly honest and respectfully say things you think I may not like or that may hurt my feelings.
* – correct grammatical errors

Not everyone will be picked.  If you are interested, please message me.  Thank you and blessed day to you! <3

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Divine Deliverance!


Today, I seated myself to lunch at the lovely organic restaurant, Rasa Dhatu. Shortly after, a couple was seated at a table nearby. I placed my order and began to read.

A while later, while I was still waiting on my food, the waiter delivered a plate to the nearby couple (who ordered after I did). The man apparently ordered the same dish I had ordered. Realizing they were getting served before me, I simply asked my divine to resolve the situation; knowing all would resolve.

Seconds later, the waiter slowed in his tracks and got a look on his face, like, “wait a minute, that’s not right.  He back-tracked to the man’s table and asked, “You did order this, right?” The man replied, “Yes, perfect!”, not raising a hand to touch his plate yet.

The waiter then walked to the counter and looked at his order tickets, then he went back to the man and retrieved the plate, apologizing and informing the man that the plate was mine; I ordered first.  Soon, the waiter lay the untouched plate before me, with an apology.

Coincidence? Bwaaaha ha ha haa!!

Life is so full of magic and wonder and beauty… all there waiting for you to realize it.  I never had to say a word.  My divine took care of it all.

Ask your divine for EVERYTHING!!! Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small <3

How can your divine help you, if you don’t ask? How can your divine deliver if you don’t believe?

Thank you, Spirit!

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