Losing My Mind, Finding My Heart

Actually, we need both ha ha. The mind is obviously useful. Just not when it gets wrapped up in the painful, false stories we tell ourselves (You know the ones of which I speak: “He’s better than me”, “I’m not good enough”, “I have nothing to offer that’s not already out there”, “it’s not safe to get close to people”, “I’m too fat”, “I’m too thin”, “I fill-in-the-blank too much”, “I always screw it up”, “love hurts”, etc).crossroadspharm.com

 It’s all all useful bullshit. Yes. Useful. Because in those stories is a trail to your Truth ūüôā The great thing about the intellect is… you can also use it search; to find Truth; to direct yourself to connect to the greatest parts of You; to Self-discover; to become aware; to discover the gold in your experiences (no matter how good or shitty they seem); to make plans and to motivate you into action toward what you want to manifest; to move you toward what you want and deserve. 

And the even more cool thing about the intellect? Is you can allow your #heart or #spirit or your #higherself or #divine to use it to create, inspire, and empower. Boom 👊🏻#soulysticliving #spiritualpsychology #awakening #consciousness #spirituality #spiritualdevelopment #loveyoubetrue #jodiana #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #awareness #realizations #love #spiritofkindness #servantofpeace #manifest #miraclesCrossroadspharm

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You Are Never Alone

You are never alone. Allow yourself to reach out in moments of need. That’s self love. Just because people weren’t there for you in the past doesn’t mean good people won’t be there for you now. Wishing you a day full of feeling so loved you are overflowing 💗#loveyoubetrue #spiritofkindness #servantofpeace #neveralone #alwayswithme #selflove

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Loneliness. Feel it. Feel it hard. 

“Do not feel lonely. The entire universe is inside of you”

Actually, it’s okay to feel the loneliness. Feel it. Feel it hard. Feel it fully. And as you do, it will continue to dissolve and transmute a little more and a little more… and you will come to remember that You are divine manifest, expressing through a physical body as a vessel of That. 

You are not just destined for great things… you already ARE great things. Your job here is to allow the layers of emotion to engulf you so that you may take flight once again and shine your Light as the beacon you are. 

 You are worthy, you are perfect, you are whole, and I love you. 

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A Man’s Rejection Has Nothing to Do With Your Value

A mans rejection doesnt define you

A man’s rejection of you has nothing to do with your value or worth as a woman. What if? What if divine is using this experience to mold and shift you into the woman you‚Äôre unfolding to be? The woman that your future ‚Äúspecial someone‚ÄĚ wouldn‚Äôt recognize without you having gone through these experiences? And whose to say divine isn‚Äôt molding and shifting your ‚Äúspecial someone‚ÄĚ right now, too?¬†
What if the experience of being rejected really has nothing to do with your value and worth, but actually is an opportunity and catalyst for your own self growth? An opportunity to come face-to-face with the parts of you that you judge so vehemently, and to love and accept those layers of you even more passionately than ever before? If that were true, what parts of you are crying out for love? Let it arise, and love that.

If you’re a dude reading this, the same applies.

The only defining catalyst in whether or not you are good enough? Is what goes on in your own head. Get in touch with that, and your whole world changes. You are perfect and whole just as you are. You are enough. And I love you. 

Remember: God doesn’t always give us what we want, but God gives us what we WOULD want if we could see what God can see and if we knew what God knows. Never give up.

Wishing you a day full of self love and inner peace <3
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Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly Medicine

I got a dose of dragonfly medicine yesterday as I captured this magical dragonfly pic. It  lew past me and off in the distance.  I asked it to come back so I could take a pic, then it flew right over me and allowed me to capture this beautiful pic.

Dragonfly represents transcendence, transformation, change, truth, reflections, mirrors for internal growth, mastering your emotions, mastering your thoughts, transcending limiting belief patterns, being an overcomer, and the realization that things are not always as they seem.  It represents breaking down illusions and an integration and balance of the mental and emotional bodies.  It can also mean seeing a situation for the truth of what it really is/means in your life.  With the dragonfly comes wisdom and enlightenment.

You will know the dragonfly is here to assist you because you will FEEL it.¬† They may show up in your dreams; suddenly appear from nowhere; appear in your experience in multitudes; land on you; buzz around you; or, like me, you have communications with it and it honors your requests.¬† Most of all, the experience will come with a knowing that you are being ‚Äúspoken to‚ÄĚ.¬† Follow it and don‚Äôt doubt yourself or your signs from from your Higher Power.

Anytime a symbol comes at you three times in a short time frame (for me it’s typically within a week or less), then the Universe or your Higher Self is trying to get your attention.  If so, you are being asked to wake up and search or inquire within about the meaning it has for you and your life.  The closer together (in time frame) the symbol comes, the stronger the message from spirit is.  Some call this synchronicity and it’s a powerful way to communicate with divine (Spirit or your Higher Self; the Universe; All That Is; your Higher Power; or what ever your idea of divine is)

In this instance, the dragonfly delivered the *exact* message I needed in regard to an inner conflict I’ve been having about a recent falling out with someone I love, care about, and miss dearly.  I’m grateful for the ways Spirit communicates with me through my environment.

Have you noticed any symbol, animal, or message coming into your experience lately?  What does it mean to you?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Wishing you a day filled with magic and synchronicity.

Stay strong and shine on.

Jodiana <3

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Getting My Car to Start…

This morning, after I just got back from an 11-day trip out of town, I
got into my car and turned the key. ¬†Errrr.. Ergh. ¬†It wouldn’t start. ¬†I looked up and realized my dome light had been on all this time, so I turned it off. ¬†Bummer. ¬†Or not!

GoldenLightFinally, after about five minutes of turning the key to no avail, I changed it up and tried a different strategy. ¬†I said a little prayer, then I envisioned golden-white light pouring into my car’s battery and flowing out into the engine of the car. ¬†After a deep exhale, I turned the key again. ¬†Errrr.. chck chk chk… ergh. ¬†No dice… but!! ¬†I did hear a promising chk chk chk in-between the errrr! ¬†So, I tried again.

I envisioned even more golden-white light pouring into my car’s battery, filling it to the brim and overflowing out through the attached cables and throughout the cars engine. ¬†Once again, I turned the key. ¬†Chk chk chk chk VROOOM!!!!!! ¬†She started right up! ¬†And off I went on a journey!

Coincidence?  Ha ha ha!  I call miracle!

Blessings, Love and Light!

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Free Reading Reveal – 20150101

If you’re reading this, it’s not by coincidence. ¬†It’s because your divine (Higher Power; Spirit) has a message for you. ¬†Pick a number between 1 and 3 before you¬†read any farther. ¬†Just look at the image and feel which number resonates the most with you in this moment, then read the corresponding message below:
Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 8.02.11 PM

» Read more..

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Blueberry Raw Vegan ‘Ice Cream’


I’m not a raw vegan. I’m not even a vegan… but I do eat vegan meals and treats. Here’s one I use when I get a sweet tooth:

1/2 c Frozen blueberries
1/2 c Frozen strawberries
1-2 c Vanilla soy milk
2 Tbsp Raw pumpkin seeds
Chlorella (to your tolerance)

1 scoop Sun Warrior Vanilla Sprouted Rice Protein (or protein powder of your choice)

Add all ingredients to Vita-mix.
Enjoy! Yum!


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Creamy Power-Packed Anti-Cancer Salad Dressing

1 Tbsp red miso*
8 Tbsp water
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/2 Tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp tumeric
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4-1/2 tsp himalayan sea salt (to taste)
6 Tbsp tahini
1.  Juice half a lemon, stir in spices/herbs.
2.  Dissolve miso in water, stir in tahini.
3.  Add tahini to the miso/water mixture
4.  Add lemon juice mixture to miso/tahini mixture.
5.  Enjoy!
That simple!  I have enough left over for a few salads. So just storing in the fridge.
Also makes a great dip for zucchini, celery, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, etc.
Super healthy! Rich in calcium, vitamin E, healthy fats, and other good-for-you stuff!
Miso is a fermented food that contains probiotics (the healthy bacteria for our gut) and stimulates the secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach. It’s also a great source of B vitamins and is beleived to reduce the risk for breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers. Miso has a substrate that chelates heavy metals out of the body (nice!). ¬†
Tumeric, Cayenne, garlic and onion all are well known for their anti-bacterial qualities. Some of these are also anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-fungal. Yay! That’s one power-packed salad dressing!
Good stuff!
* NOTE: ¬†Back when I was sick, I could not handle miso. ¬†So if you are chronically ill; have leaky-gut; some sort of auto-immune disease; or are sensitive (or allergic) to molds, then miso may not be a good option for you. ¬†Every body is different so only you will know. ¬†If I were in the process of rebuilding my gut, I would probably avoid miso, but that¬†is only my opinion based on my own life experience. ¬†We are all¬†biologically different, so food that works for one person may be toxic to another person (which is one good reason why no one diet works for everyone – even when¬†choosing a food plan to exploit¬†the body’s natural healing ability).
P.S. The egg is *totally* not necessary in this salad and did not go well at all. ¬†There is plenty of protein (and fat) in the tahini (and pumpkin seeds – which are anti-parasitic). ¬†It just so happened that I hadn’t decided to make the dressing until after I made the salad. ¬†Ha ha ha!

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Walk With Me Daily (Spirit Speaks)


Walk With Me Daily (Spirit Speaks)
 by Jodi Ana

Walk with Me daily and know it’s okay,
Submit your desires and get out of the way.
No need to worry, no need to know how.
Just focus on Me and stay in the Now.

I am here for you always, you only must ask,
Walk with Me daily & surrender the task.
You have nothing to do, just surrender and Be,
And to daily affirm you can leave it to Me.

We all have a story and that includes you,
remember that now as you do what you do.
Your mother, your father; your sisters and son?
are all Forms of The Me; we are all truly One.

It’s easy for you to remember the others,
but it’s not just about your Sisters and Brothers.
Your biggest challenge is caring for you,
when you take care of that, you take care of Me too.

Your body is My temple; a vehicle of Mine.
The way that you treat it?  Is how you treat the Divine.
When you take care of the Me, you take care of them;
Your Brothers and Sisters and all your Soul Kin.

Respect this temple, with great love and care.
It’s my sacred vehicle from Here to there.
Realize now, every BODY you see?
Is a temple like you; a vehicle for Me.

Yes, walk with Me daily, surrender and Be,
Lock in your goals, and then allow Me.
In all that you see and all that you do,
be lead by the Me and let go of the you.

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Agave Nectar: It’s Harmful, Doctor’s Say

What I found? ¬†Doctors are saying that, although agave nectar is low glycemic, it’s really no better for us than high fructose corn syrup.

Years ago, when I was sick, I purchased Agave Nectar for the first time at a local health food store. ¬†The clerk¬†knew I was struggling with Metabolic Syndrome (Pre Diabetes) and blood sugar issues. ¬†She had a shocked look on her face and told me she is surprised I can tolerate agave nectar because a lot of diabetics can’t. ¬†That sparked my interest, so I went home an researched it.

What I found? ¬†Doctors are saying that, although agave nectar is low glycemic, it’s really no better for us than high fructose corn syrup. ¬†In fact, agave nectar is higher in fructose than High Fructose Corn Syrup!! ¬†But why does that matter? ¬†It matters because consuming too much fructose puts us at risk for obesity and weight gain. ¬†It affects how our body releases a hormone called leptin, which aids in appetite control, and also causes our body to store fat.

I stopped using Agave nectar immediately. ¬†Initially, I had to cut sugars out of my diet completely in order to exploit my body’s own natural healing capabilities. ¬†Now I’m able to tolerate sweeteners and my sweeteners of choice are honey, maple syrup, and jaggery ūüôā

If you want more scientific information, Doctor Mercola¬†shows lab results on agave nectar here, and explains why it’s not good for us. ¬†Doctor Oz explains it on his site here.

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Blessings and Love to you!
Jodi Ana






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This is not the End. It’s never the end.

Today my Auntie Sherril was laid to rest. She transitioned this week. I say transitioned, because I do not believe we ever die, but rather the energy of our Spirit simply transitions to another dimension (or location).

I spent three hours just sitting with my aunt yesterday at the funeral home. I feel so blessed to have had this time with her. We cried together and laughed together. I saw her Spirit exit her body. She was hovering to the left of me, laughing. She was laughing because I was crying.. and in that split-second, I got it. Then I could only laugh through my tears. It was then that I rejoiced. I rejoiced in her transition and release from this Earthly body and all the wordly chains that often come bound to these vehicles. She is free! Her laughter always was infectious.

My aunt has taught me so much throughout this process; both while she embodied her Spirit and also after it was released from her physical shell. She taught me » Read more..

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Taking the Red Pill: Part 1 – A New Health Paradigm

the-matrix-red-pill-or-blue-pillThe This is truly an incredible movie. But I warn you, if you watch it, you will never be the same. You will never view the world the same again. If you watch this movie, you will be like Neo, choosing the red pill. Which will you choose? If you watch it, please leave a comment, I’d like to hear what you think.

» Read more..

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Overcoming Autoimmune Disease, Part 2: You Are What You Eat

GasEmptyFor someone with chronic illness, eating packaged food is like putting water in a gas tank and expecting the car to run.  What we put in our body is what the body uses to create our cells.  The body replaces cells every so often, depending on the cell.  For example, the normal life span of a red blood cell is about four months (meaning that four months from now every red blood cell in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones).  The lining of the gut is rebuilt approximately every 28-29 days.  It is said that, after 7 years, the body has replaced every cell.  Think about how powerful that is.

If we potentially have 70-85% influence¬†influence on whether or not the disease process is triggered in our body, and we know the body replaces every cell after a seven year period, then just think of how much influence and power we have over the direction of our own health! ¬†So what does the body use to rebuild these cells? ¬† » Read more..

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Auspicious Mantra for Sun in Leo

It is a scientific fact that the celestial bodies have great impact to Earth and it’s inhabitants. ¬†The sun and moon both influence the tides of the ocean, and¬†the Farmer’s Almanac reveals when is a good time to seed or plow based on these celestial influences. ¬†Heck, even¬†U.S. surgeons are reporting from scientific studies that patients undergoing heart surgery have a lower death rate if they’re operated on during the waning moon! ¬†That’s pretty powerful evidence, right there.
» Read more..

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Overcoming Autoimmune Disease, Part 1: The Odds Are In Your Favor

Diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Pacreatitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Narcolepsy, Endometriosis, Hashimotos, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome: ¬†What do they all have in common? ¬†They are all Autoimmune (or autoimmune related) ‘diseases’ and, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, close to 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from Autoimmune Disease. ¬†I used to be one of them, but I no longer suffer.

I found out that autoimmune disease is only 15-30% genetic and a whopping 70-85% environmental!!! ¬†But what does that mean?! ¬† » Read more..

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Finding My Marbles (Miracle Monday)

In my psychic development class, I was told to get 22 distinctly different rocks for divining. While discussing this with my teacher, Spirit & my angels kept telling me that I need to go to my dad for marbles, instead of using rocks. They kept showing me a jar of marbles in my mind’s eye, which looked like a pickle jar, with a red lid. ¬†¬†

So I called my dad and asked if he had 22 distinctly different marbles that I could Marbleshave. I told him that my angels told me to come to him. He said yes. While I was on the phone with him, his wife said, “Now how did she know we had 22 marbles?!”. I¬†said, “I didn’t! I’m just following what my angels told me to do!”. ¬†Love my angels. They never steer me wrong! » Read more..

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The Cleanse That Changed My Life (Wellness Wednesday)

MasterCleanseBookOne of my biggest ‘aha’ moments in saving my health, was when I went on this cleanse. ¬†My brain was having seizure activity and my Neurologist¬†wanted me to go on an anti-seizure medication. ¬†This video explains about the research I did, why I chose an alternative route, and my experience with the Master Cleanse. ¬†This cleanse quite literally changed my life.

Prior to doing the cleanse I was tired all the time, fatigued, and felt like my head was in the clouds – or a veil of… smog was taking over my brain.¬† I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t track conversations, I could barely comprehend what I was reading, and I was getting lost in the town I grew up in.¬† It was awful. » Read more..

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Soulystic Sunday: Shifting Out of Guilt

Have you ever found it difficult to say no?  Me too!  But I am transitioning out of that vibration and so can you!  Be forewarned!  If you continue to read, the Universe is likely going to support your shift out of that vibration also, and bring you repeated opportunities to stand in your Truth and say no.

Rest assured, as you continue to do this, it will become easier and more comfortable each time. ¬†I’m actually getting quite good at it now! ¬†And the guilt associated with saying no? ¬†It’s gone! ¬†Here are some things I learned in the process of shifting out of guilt and into happiness: » Read more..

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Dear Lonely Girl (I Am Series)

Abandoned_by_Artemis_TwitchesDear Lonely Girl,
I hear your plea. ¬†This is in answer to your call for a man¬†who will love, honor and cherish you. ¬†I hear you crying late at night. ¬†I feel the longing of your heart. ¬†Please understand, that in order for Me to deliver this man to you, you must advertise That which is in you that draws him near. » Read more..

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