The Cleanse That Changed My Life (Wellness Wednesday)

MasterCleanseBookOne of my biggest 'aha' moments in saving my health, was when I went on this cleanse.  My brain was having seizure activity and my Neurologist wanted me to go on an anti-seizure medication.  This video explains about the research I did, why I chose an alternative route, and my experience with the Master Cleanse.  This cleanse quite literally changed my life. Prior to doing the cleanse I was tired all the time, fatigued, and felt like my head was in the clouds - or a veil of... smog was taking over my brain.  I couldn't think clearly, I couldn't track conversations, I could barely comprehend what I was reading, and I was getting lost in the town I grew up in.  It was awful. During the cleanse, this all cleared up!  My mind was clear, I could follow conversations, I had the energy of a teenager and I felt like I could function normally again. It was then that I realized the connection between food and what was going on with my health. WHAT IS THE MASTER CLEANSE? The Master Cleanse is a full body cleanse where one consumes mainly nothing but water and a special kind of lemonade for ten days.  I learned about the Master Cleanse from Stanley Burroughs' book titled, The Master Cleanser. The Process (basics): - Perform a saltwater flush every morning (an ancient Ayurvedic technique) - Drink at least six 8 oz glasses of the special lemonade (and no more than 12) daily - Drink a laxative tea every evening before bed NOTE:  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PROPERLY REPLENISH YOUR GUT FLORA AFTER THIS CLEANSE. I was NEVER hungry on this cleanse, but I did have a lot of food cravings.  They say that, during a cleanse, you will crave the very foods your body is detoxing.  This cleanse really opened my eyes to the role that food plays in our health. It's better to make one drink at a time if possible.  If you can't, then it's okay to make a day's worth.  However, I wouldn't make it any farther in advance than that.  The enzymes from the fruit play a very important role in this cleanse and the longer the juice sits, the more ineffective the enzymes become (they oxidize and 'de-activate' as time goes on). The purpose of this post is not to tell anyone to do the Master Cleanse, but rather to raise an awareness of the connection between food, lifestyle, and health.  If you want to do the cleanse, I strongly encourage you to read Burroughs' book (and to consult with a health care professional).  I would never do this cleanse without reading Burroughs' book first (I personally read Burroughs' book and listened to Glickman's CD - but I think Burroughs' book would have been informative enough for me). Please share this; it may help a friend of a friend. If this post has helped or inspired you, please give it a thumbs up, share, subscribe and invite your friends! MY STORY: MY DIAGNOSIS: HEALTH & WELLNESS COACHING: FOLLOW: Blessings and Love to you! Jodi Ana    

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